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Frequently asked questions
What happens if I erase or add an user during the billing cycle?
If you erase a user, he or she won't be able to access to Zeppelean and his/her data will be erased. Nevertheless, you will keep a free slot until the end of your billing cycle. Meaning, if you erase a user and add a new one before your billing cycle expires, we won't charge you this new user. If you don't add anybody else, we will stop charging you that previous user slot.
How do you charge new users that are added in the middle of a billing cycle?
You have to pay every new user you add on the platform. However, you will only be charged the proportional amount of time the user has been in the platform since your last billing cycle. For example, if you have monthly payment and your billing cycle starts the first of each month, and you add a user on day 10, you'll be only charged 20 days for this user (€5,33 instead of €8). The user will be fully charged next month, with the rest of your users.
What is considered as an “user”?
An user is each person who access to the tool. The admin is an user, the person who assess are users, and the persons who receive the assessments are users too.
What happens if I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your Zeppeleam subscription whenever you want. There's any mandatory permanence or penalty. If you cancel your Zeppelean subscription you will be able to use your account 'til the end of your billing cycle. We won't take you what it's yours! Make sure you download all your stats and data, because they will be erased after cancelling the account.